As the 2023 Madison Scouts season winds down to its conclusion, we would like to take a moment to congratulate and welcome the newest class of alumni to MSAA. Welcome alumni age-out class of 2023:

2023 Age-out class

These are the 28 names of alumni age-outs from the 2023 marching season.

2023 Age-outs
2023 alumni class at Lucas
NameSection (from)Total years
Addie Robison Conductor  
Alexis Miller Mallets  
Anthony Devea Baritone/Euphonium  
Ash Crews Guard  
Ben Lemmings Baritone/Euphonium  
Carly Smith Guard  
Emily Della Guard  
Emily Van Der Weele Cymbals  
Halie Matula Guard  
Henry Huck Tuba  
Hope Fowler Guard  
Hunter Valkema Cymbals  
Ian Williams Snare  
Jacob Keener Guard  
Jon Hentges Cymbals  
Kaitlyn Beauchamp Guard  
Kellen Beaty Guard  
Liam Casey Baritone/Euphonium  
Matthew Mikitka Trumpet  
Matthew Schnapp Trumpet  
Meghan Correll Mellophone  
Nathan Walker Mellophone  
Olivia Hall Guard  
Robby Strang Mallets  
Scott Berry Baritone/Euphonium  
Seth Simerly Mellophone  
Sophia Fenske Conductor  
Wilson Brummett Pit-Auxilary  

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