Recently, we held a vote to determine which shirt from the Madison Scouts souvies archive we should bring back in 2024! The options were:

  • 1999 Tour Shirt - Celebrating the 25th anniversary of 1999's "Jesus Christ Superstar” show.
  • Lemon Squeeze - A classic from 1990 with a passionate following. Some claim it’s the only shirt Chris Harmon owns.
  • Vintage Logo - A timeless design with an ageless flair. Made by the legendary Brian Parker.

The top choice of the vote will be available for a limited-time sale in 2024! Now that all the tabulating is over let’s look at the results. The outstanding design is…


We’ll bring the iconic Lemon Squeeze shirt back soon for a limited-time sale!

The iconic Lemon Squeeze shirt first came out for the 1990 Madison Scouts show, "Undiscovered Madison," when the corps played "The Lemon Squeeze" by Mark Kirk. The swing tune was the corps' opener, starting laid-back and casual but quickly escalating into a frenzy of notes and fast drill that brought the classic Madison energy.

The Lemon Squeeze shirt has since gained a cult following among Madison Scouts alumni, fans, and instructors. We're excited to help fans of the shirt retire their well-worn version in favor of a new one that has fewer holes and is less threadbare.

Multiple versions of the shirt have been created in the past, with slight differences in the art. Much debate is held, particularly about how many valves should be on the horn that the lemon is holding. We've decided our version will have two valves! Classic lovers, rejoice!

You'll be able to get your own Lemon Squeeze shirt very soon once sales start.


Your purchase will not only give you a great vintage shirt for your wardrobe but also help us give every member of the 2024 Madison Scouts one! We'll also give every member of the current corps a Lemon Squeeze shirt. We love sharing some corps history with the members, and they love getting a clean shirt at the end of spring training! Wear our history. Share our history.

Proceeds from this fundraiser will go to the C.H. Beebe Scholarship Fund. This fund provides essential scholarships to Madison Scouts through a needs-based application process, ensuring that no aspiring member is held back due to financial constraints.

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