Madison Scouts Alumni,

The corps is in great shape, as the production is on the field, choreographic layers are being added, and deep cleaning has ensued. The membership and staff have been working hard, and are eager to get the show on the road. We'll depart on June 25 for East Troy, Wisconsin, where we'll be parked until a short trip to Cedarburg for our annual Fourth of July celebration hosted by the Olsen family and Piggly Wiggly. Here are the upcoming rehearsal locations --

David LofyDavid LofyI'm writing to you from the beautiful University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire campus, where the corps is wrapping up Spring Training. The corps will perform their preview show tonight (June 24) for the Eau Claire community, alumni, and families.


  • June 26 - East Troy, WI
  • June 27-28 - Whitewater, WI (Perkins Stadium)
  • June 29 - DRUMS ON PARADE - Middleton (Rehearsal & Show)
  • June 30 - East Troy (Rehearsal), Lisle, IL (Show)
  • July 1 - East Troy
  • July 2 - Whitewater, WI
  • July 3 - Cedarburg, WI (Show)
  • July 4 - Cedarburg, WI (Parade & Park Performance)
  • July 5 - East Troy (Rehearsal), Rockford, IL (Show)
  • July 6 - THE WHITEWATER CLASSIC - Whitewater, WI (Rehearsal & Show)
  • July 7 - Grand Meadow, MN (Rehearsal), La Crosse, WI (Show)
  • July 8 - Grand Meadow
  • July 9 - Grand Meadow (Rehearsal), Mankato (Show)
  • July 10 - Good Will Ambassador Day - (Central Wisconsin Center Performance, Corps Photo, History Night, Free Time in Madison)

If you have time to visit the corps, please consider swinging by for a rehearsal or volunteering on the food truck. In addition, we're looking for a volunteer van driver from June 26-July 6.
May You Never Walk Alone,

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