The Madison Scout All-Star Brass and Percussion Ensemble gathered in Madison, Wisconsin over the 17-18 February 2024 weekend to begin rehearsal to perform as featured artists for the 2024 Rocking for a Cure, which will be held on Saturday, 27 April 2024.

This legendary cast of performers was organized by Scott Stewart, MSAA Madison Scout Hall of Fame Inductee, with musical arrangements shaped by Craig Mason from the original scores. The connection felt to the history of the Madison Scouts was palpable.

MSAA member and Madison Scout Alumnus Clay Walcholz conducts the entire brass ensemble of G-bugles, and the sound is uniquely old-school drum corps. Don’t miss your opportunity to experience classic Madison Scout memories, including ‘God Bless the Child’ with the original soprano soloist Chris Metzger-Forbes, delivering an authentic chill bump experience.

You see, Rockin for a Cure was born from love and a servant leadership attitude from members of the Madison Scout brotherhood, and the most meaningful moment of the entire weekend was when we joined together to hug one another and sing Never Walk in honor of our dear brother and legendary Madison Scout Baritone soloist extraordinaire, Dave Ramthun, who had Gone Before Us earlier that week. Mark Ramthun, Dave’s brother and Madison Scout Alumni and lead baritone in the All-Star ensemble, showed up with great courage to rehearse and stated that “Dave would have kicked my butt if I didn’t show up to play”.

Get your tickets to hear the Madison Scout All-Stars and support something bigger than all of us at the 2024 Rockin' for a Cure on 27 April 2024.

You’ll Never Walk Alone,
Kent Eversmeyer

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