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The brass section is on its way to Wisconsin for their February rehearsal weekend. Part of my pre-Madison Scouts rehearsal camp ritual is spent reviewing the corps' historical archives and visiting historic locations in town. Today I find myself in a hotel and coffee shop on the former site of Christ Presbyterian Church, where the first rehearsal in February of 1938 was held. As I read, I realize that as much as the activity and Madison Scouts have evolved, it's relatively easy to spot the educational, cultural, and social through-lines that connect us to our past. As I find these documents, I'll be sure to share them here for those who find them interesting. Entertainment, excellence, music and performance education, character development, service to others, human connection, life-long bonds...All since day one. (The two photos of news clips come from the December 8, 1991 issue of the 'Fleur-de-Lis', the former Madison Scouts newsletter that many likely recall. The 1940-41 photos come from C.H. Beebe's scrapbook archives that were recently digitized.) Shoutout to the 1991/92 corps brothers -- These are my personal favorite Madison Scouts productions... --

Rockin4ALS and The ALS Association – Wisconsin are pleased to announce the John and Susan Burmeister ALS Volunteer Memorial Fund. John Burmeister was a well-known Madison Scouts Alum and Corps supporter. He and his wife, Susan, joined the Rockin4ALS volunteer family in 2017.

We lost John to cancer last year, and he is missed dearly, but his passion for ALS patients continues to live on, driven by the efforts of his Madison Scouts Brothers, who raised more than $5,000 to launch this memorial fund.

2022 Full Corps Photo

As the 2022 Madison Scouts season winds down to its conclusion, we would like to take a moment to congratulate and welcome the newest class of alumni to MSAA. Welcome alumni age-out class of 2022:


Bubba Frazier Kristian Banlaoi Carley Belknap
Jayden Brown Evan Caggia Micaela Carr
Esteban Chavez Tivy Culp Marianne Esquivel
Mikki Fritch Leyira Gininwa Ethan Hacker
Cassie Johnson Abby King Ricky Landeros
Kameron Lannan Alex Lesher Lauren Linnebur
Abbey Nelson Olivia Newhouse Lane Oakes
Sierra Olson Kaley Rodriguez Juana Sandoval
Seth Simerly DJ Talbot Raquel Teutle
Frank Traub    

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The Madison Scouts Alumni Association (MSAA) is seeking volunteers to help document the 2000-2021 seasons of the Madison Scouts! This is vital to ensure that the members of the future and alumni can look back on the storied history of the corps and be more connected to "the giants whose shoulders they stand on." A written history of the corps currently exists that covers from the early years of the corps through the end of the Millenium, but a written history for the past two decades doesn't yet exist. We are searching for volunteers to research and write the first draft copy for this project.

Alumni Rings

New Madison Scouts Alumni Rings - all alumni, all staff qualify to order direct from the seller. Make sure you know your ring size before you begin your order. You can have your ring sized at any local jeweler or visit this PDF from for assistance if you don't have a jeweler near you. The ring comes up as small/large for pricing during the ordering process, but later in the process, you'll be asked for your exact size. There are three available choices for rings and all proceeds go to the Madison Scouts.

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