Greetings Alumni,

As we surpass one month after the season's conclusion, I'd like to provide you with a few reflections on the season.

'Our mission is to provide programs for youth in music and performance training through a positive environment that emphasizes character and social development, leadership, self-discipline, and the pursuit of excellence.'

Chris and I regularly discuss the corps' history, and we often spend the most time considering the work of C.H. Beebe. What led him to get involved in the BSA as a Scoutmaster and eventually the drum corps? What values were demonstrated by the corps and his leadership at that time? What cultural and values-based through-lines connect the 2023 edition to the 1938 corps? much as 'things' (a 6,000-mile national tour, a corps representing 27 states and multiple countries, Bb brass) have changed, it doesn't take much investigation to determine that many of the values C.H. Beebe instilled in his young men embedded their way into our organizational DNA. Here are a few that stand out to me:

Directors Report

Madison Scouts Alumni,

I trust you've all had a fine start to your Summer season.

The Madison Scouts are actively engaged in 'Spring Training' or 'Pre-Tour,' as some may know it. The corps is in fantastic spirits as we've completed the show and are eager to hit the road on June 27th. We'll eventually be making our way down to Whitewater for a series of rehearsal days and 'Picture Day' before Drums on Parade on July 1. If you haven't already, buy your tickets at The corps will once again be visiting the tailgate after our COVID-19 hiatus. We're excited to sing our SATB version of You'll Never Walk Alone,' arranged by Scott Boerma, with you.

You'll Never Walk Alone (134.91 KB)

davidGreetings Madison Scouts Alumni,

I hope you are all well as we exit Winter -- (though it certainly feels like mid-Winter here in Wisconsin!). I'm writing to share a few updates on the state of the Madison Scouts.

- Susan L. Smith, Assistant Professor of Music Education at Troy University, has been a fantastic addition to our staff as Brass Caption Supervisor. Her role is essentially to be a 'teacher of teachers and coach for our brass staff and has been nothing less than superior. We are proud to have her on our staff as a guide for our teachers and a role model/expert educator for the membership.

- The color guard is in phenomenal shape, and I continue to be proud of the work PJ Tankard, Caption Head, does with this group of performers. 33/36 performers have already been contracted and have been for months (with plenty of callbacks in the pipeline to fill the guard). Most corps do not contract their color guards until April due to WGI, but we aggressively selected members early so we could focus on teaching them throughout the offseason.

Nov Camp 2022-23

We wrapped up November camp on Sunday afternoon. What a weekend!

We opened the camp with a member meeting in the auditorium at Milton High School, where we watched the 1995 opener and talked about what it means to be a Madison Scout. We heard from a few vets on the topic. I reinforced our values of service and entertainment — service off the field by being selfless and supportive of those around us, our facilities, etc. — service on the field by seeking excellence for entertainment, uplifting audience members who need the Madison Scouts to bring them joy.

While the weekend was mostly about fundamentals and auditions, the battery worked on intro material for the 2023 production, the brass developed Slaughter on Tenth Avenue and YNWA, and the FE worked on their lot tune. The guard put together a series of 1-2 minute performances on various equipment. We ended camp with the sections performing for each other.

The corps is in great hands as the professionalism, positivity, and quality of instruction continue to improve yearly. In particular, the addition of Susan Smith to our brass staff is fantastic for the corps. Her extensive experience as a music educator makes her an incredible motivator, role model, and resource for the horn line.

PJ Tankard is embarking on his first full season as our guard caption head after inheriting the program in the Spring of 2022. Reports from Alumnus (and Choreographer/Visual Coordinator) Ty Rainey indicate that the guard is starting stronger than last August. I’m looking forward to the progress this caption will make with consistency in leadership and pedagogy.

corps show image

Greetings Alumni!

With Championships week rapidly approaching, now is an excellent time for me to offer you a reflection on the 2022 season. We've worked hard since 2020 to establish a design and educational approach that provides the organization with consistency, excellence, and an enhancement in member experience. The team navigated a pandemic together, a non-competitive 2021 half-summer season, and now its first full competitive season. While I could tell you all about the bumps in the road or adjustments we plan to make as our team develops, I'll let you know about all the great things happening.

I'm sure many of you are wondering, 'how has the transition to gender inclusivity gone?' My short answer is, 'it's gone well, but we're always learning how to better support our female and non-binary identifying members.' Like our world, macro and micro-communities are complex and dynamic while simultaneously beautiful and enriching. Adding more people into the mix presents new community dynamics but has certainly pushed us to be a better organization. I feel confident that we're providing our members a community where they are welcome, celebrated, and challenged daily to give their best on and off the field.

The Madison Scouts, Forward Performing Arts, and the Madison Scouts Alumni Association are pleased to announce the newly established Madison Scouts Hall of Fame, the highest achievement recognition and honor to individuals who have participated in the Madison Scouts organization throughout its long history.

“We are thrilled to have finally established a Madison Scouts Hall of Fame to recognize, honor, and celebrate those who have given so much to the organization,” said Executive Director Chris Komnick. “Our inaugural class sets the standard of service and leadership and represents the true character of the corps.” This year’s inaugural class of inductees include C.H. Beebe, Bill Howard, and Scott Stewart.

Cymbal Carley

In honor of Women’s History Month, the Madison Scouts are proud to feature stories from the first class of women in membership as well as the women on staff. 

Carley Belknap, Amelia Kannon, and Thea Kilbane were members of the Madison Scouts in 2021. Belknap was a cymbal player, Kannon was in colorguard, and Kilbane was a drum major. Belknap and Kannon will be returning for their second summer. Kilbane aged out in 2021 and returned to the Scouts as an administrative intern.

Have you been going through your annual drum corps withdrawal? Do you live in Madison and want to spend your Sunday morning getting your face melted off by the sweet, sweet sounds of brass and percussion?
Join the Madison Scouts on Sunday, May 1 from 10 am to 11:30 am at Milton High School for our end-of-camp ensemble rehearsal! You'll have the opportunity to watch our staff and members in action as they begin to put the 2022 production together. Be sure to bring a lawn chair. If the weather permits, we'll be outside.
Out-of-towners, we, unfortunately, will not be able to provide a live stream. That said, mark your calendars for June 25, as we intend to broadcast our dress rehearsal from Spring Training in Eau Claire, WI. More details to come.
Volunteers -- We're seeking volunteers to assist with camp meals. The job will be simple, but the hours we'd need you in are:
  • April 29 - 9:00 pm -10:30 pm
  • April 30 - 6:30 am - 8:00 am, and 9 pm-10:30 pm
  • May 1 - 6:30 am - 8:00 am
Send Assistant Director, Tina Jameson, an email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if you would like to help us.


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